Let’s Rock Baby


Let’s Rock Baby is a Brazilian apparel company which creates, designs and manufactures clothes for babies and kids with rock & roll as theme. The company sells on the Internet on its own website and on the following Brazilian online marketplaces: www.americanas.com.br, www.submarino.com.br, www.shoptime.com.br, www.amazon.com.br, www.elo7.com.br and www.rock2you.com.br.

The target customer is mainly babies’ parents who appreciate rock music. In addition, uncles, aunts and friends, who wants to give them some cool present, take part of the target customer as well.

I am one of the company’s business partners and I am responsible for creative direction, concept and website and social media management.

[ T E A M ]

Fábio Dias: general concept, branding and product design, packaging design, illustration, webdesign, motion design, social media design and management.

Bruno Algarve: concept, branding, product design, illustration and webdesign.

Tina Lucca, Didi Dias and Fernanda Guimarães: printing production and manufacturing management, e-commerce management.


Body suits & T-shirts


Handmade collection



Social media creation and management

Children’s Day Campaign

Series of Instagram posts for the 2019 Children’s Day promotion (special date in the Brazilian market)